Child Custody in Kentucky

While financial issues may be important, children are the most valuable assets to our clients.  Custody and parenting issues are the primary focus of most parents involved in family law issues.  The attorneys at Goldberg Simpson recognize this.  We make our clients’ priorities our top priorities.  Our zeal and creativity can improve difficult situations.  For all parties.   And most importantly, for our clients’ children.

Under Kentucky law, custody matters are determined by the children’s “best interests.”    This standard is both appropriate and confusing as it lacks the clarity and precision in other areas of the law.   Given this, it is essential to have experience and dedication from your lawyer.   There is no substitute for having a lawyer that specializes in family law.    Having years of experience in custody and other parenting concerns allows for results that matter, whether they are obtained in creative solutions in mediation or in contested trials in Family Court.

The initial element in custody cases is defining what the term actually means.  To lawyers and family court judges, custody means “legal custody”.  It is defined as the ability to make major life decisions for the child or children.  The issues impacted by legal custody include academic decisions, religious upbringing, elective medical care and health insurance, and a limited number of others.  In most situations, parents share joint legal custody; however, it is not appropriate in all cases.  In instance of domestic violence, mental illness or high conflict situations, there is a need for sole legal custody to minimize the emotional and other trauma for the family.

For most laypersons, custody is defined as where the children spend the majority of their time.  In Kentucky, the courts have designated that this concept by a number of terms including physical custody, primary residential custody, primary possessory custody and others.  Regardless of the label, the issue of physical custody is of paramount importance.  Goldberg Simpson lawyers recognize this and are prepared to help clients through the process.  The goal is a schedule which is focused on the unique needs of the family and children in the case.  Clients do not benefit from “one size fits all” schedules.

Our clients can expect individualized representation with devotion to their particular needs and goals of the case.  In some cases, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution can yield results far better than going to a Family Court Judge.   In others, it is necessary to have the Court decide issue related to parenting matters.  Regardless, it is essential to prepare with experienced counsel.    In many cases, we work with therapists, counselors and custodial evaluators to be ready to present the strongest case to the Court.    By having a team approach and using years of experience, Goldberg Simpson lawyers are ready to help clients obtain real results.

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