Families In Transition Questions

Families In Transition Questions under Kentucky Family Law

Generally, The FIT classes are required.  The classes are designed for Parents and Children to obtain a better understanding of communication during and after divorce occurs.  In the event the children and parents are already in counseling to address divorce related issues, the courts will at times waive this requirement.

Classes are ongoing and at different times and places throughout the week.  The courts are generally understanding if delays are justified due to work.  Also, courts will often allow comparable FIT classes to be taken out of the divorce venue if proper notice and explanation is provided


My soon-to-be-ex spouse and I are on good terms and agreement; we have minor children.  Are we still required to take the court-ordered parenting classes?

Yes.  Parenting classes in Jefferson County are provided through a program called Families in Transition (“FIT”).  Other counties have different programs, but they all share a common goal – to educate parents about proper and successful co-parenting.

The purpose of these classes is not only to assist those parents who are not on good terms;  it is also to ensure that parents continue to have a good, amicable relationship as it pertains to co-parenting.  


What if I cannot schedule a time to take the parenting classes due to my work schedule?  (I work out of town.)

There are the occasional exceptions to the rule requiring FIT attendance.  For instance, when one party lives out of state or the child is under the age of five (5), the Judge may excuse a party from having to take the FIT classes.  Even if one party lives out of state, a Judge may order them to take a similar course online and provide verification of attendance and/or completion.


If my spouse and I are legally separating, but not divorcing, are we still required to attend the court-ordered parenting classes?

The answer to this question may vary by county.  However, in Jefferson County, parties seeking a legal separation are not required to complete the FIT program.