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When domestic relations come to the point that they must be adjudicated in a court of law, it is important to move swiftly and decisively to minimize the emotional impact of exposure to the tumult of these events.  From our offices in Louisville, Kentucky, the attorneys in Domestic Relations Practice Area offer legal services in the areas of dissolution of marriage, post dissolution proceedings, child custody, paternity, prenuptial agreements and private adoptions.

The Goldberg Simpson Family Law group provides a full range of services in Anderson, Boone, Campbell, Fayette, Franklin, Gallatin, Hardin, Henry, Jefferson, Kenton, Laurel, Owen, Scott, Spencer, Trimble, Warren and many other counties in Kentucky.

Dissolution of Marriage

In the no-fault divorce environment, dissolutions of marriages are now treated like dissolutions of businesses. What property was acquired prior to the marriage partnership? What property was acquired during the marriage partnership? What property was inherited? What tax consequences are involved in the dissolution? Will there be capital gains liabilities if the marital residence is sold?

These issues must be addressed in the division of property and the allocation of non-marital property in a divorce. Goldberg Simpson is versed in these issues and experienced in helping clients through the stresses and strains of complex divorce litigation.

Child Custody

This field is changing rapidly in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Previously in divorces, sole custody for the mother was the norm, with the father having visitation every other weekend. The practice now leans towards joint custody with the child having shared time with both parents. However, there are situations where joint custody is not in the best interest of the child.

Goldberg Simpson is available to assist you in demonstrating to the court your children’s needs and how these needs will best be met.

The law in this area will continue to evolve, depending upon the various sociological theories presented by experts in the field. Our attorneys stay abreast of the various theories and can assist you in understanding the current state of the law and determining what options are best for your children and for you.

Post-Dissolution Matters

Even after the Decree has been signed, there can be on-going matters involving your ex-spouse until the children are grown. There may be modifications in child support, collection of child support arrearages, modification of visitation, and, possibly, the modification of custody. We stand ready to assist you as these issues arise long after the divorce Decree has been signed.

Prenuptial Agreements

Individuals now wait longer before marrying for the first time. Often these individuals have accumulated assets and one way to protect these assets is to have a prenuptial agreement. Prenuptial agreements are also important in second marriages, where it may be necessary to protect the rights of children from the first marriage. Goldberg Simpson is available to assist you in negotiating and structuring prenuptial agreements to protect family assets and business interests.

Private Adoptions

Private adoption is one of several mechanisms by which an individual or a couple struggling with infertility can create a family. The private adoption process allows biological parents’ input into the selection of prospective adoptive parents, so that they are able to enter into an adoption plan which they consider to be best for their child’s future well being, as well as their own.

Prospective adoptive parents may prefer private adoption because it allows them to obtain information about the birth parents and it avoids the bureaucracy and long waiting lists associated with private and public agencies.

However, adoption laws are confusing and mistakes can be made. It is important to retain counsel with experience in this field in order to have a successful adoption.  We wrote the book on private adoption; two of our attorneys co-authored four editions of a monograph Private Adoption in Kentucky (UK/CLE Monograph 1989, 1994, 1998, 2000), and have lectured on numerous occasions concerning private adoption.

Goldberg Simpson domestic relations attorneys have years of experience in family law. One of our attorneys possesses a master’s degree in social work and is a member of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

Our experience extends to all areas of family law and includes, in addition to those subjects stated before:

  • Estate Planning in Divorce
  • Responsibility for children from prior marriage
  • Business planning in connection with family issues, including succession planning for the family business

Goldberg Simpson has the capabilities and experience necessary to handle a wide variety of domestic issues for you so that you can move forward in life with greater security and peace of mind.

If you have any questions regarding the Goldberg Simpson Family Law group call any member of our practice group at 502 589-4440.